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Businesses across the county who want to comply with the GDPR from Malham to Scarborough, York to Harrogate are encouraged to use the services of a local, family owned British firm to Shred their confidential materials, as well as offer a full Waste Management service.  For a FREE audit of your shredding and waste management systems, contact us straight away

With a team of fully trained, vetted staff and a network of EN15713 Shredding sites across the region, we can react quickly, efficiently and economically.

All paperwork is produced within the cost of the service, Waste Transfer Notes, Certificates of Destruction and Duty of Care notices when required.   With Go Shred, there are no hidden charges for paperwork, transportation or fuel surcharges (check the invoices from your current supplier, you will be surprised).

From the largest company, to the smallest family business, outsourcing your Information Destruction is the safest, most cost effective way of being responsible.

We often call in on offices where we are told "we do our own shredding": Office shredders are slow, unreliable and morale sapping for anyone who has to sit there feeding through documents 4 or 5 sheets at a time.   Although it may appear you are saving money, it is estimated you could be spending between £15 and £25 a sack to dispose of the paperwork, due to the time it takes to shred one and the hourly rate of the person doing the shredding.

We can shred it for a fraction of that price - AND produce an audit trail that is required by law.

The final nail in the coffin for office shredders is this: They shred the paper so small, it cannot be recycled.  In order to recycle paper, there must be a fibre strand long enough to lock the pulped materials together.  Miniscule shred sizes destroy the paper fibre's integrity, thus rendering it as good as landfill.

So, do the right thing, give us a call on:

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Go Shred - for you and your future

recycling 1 tonne of paper

Saves 17 Mature trees.

Saves 7000 Gallons of Water

Saves 4100 Kw Hours of Electricity

Confidential Paper Shredding

(Local rate on mobile & landline)

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Go Shred A Family Business in Yorkshire