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onsite shredding

a step by step guide to our process

Go Shred offer you the ultimate in shredding security, the secure destruction of your paper materials at your site.

This premium service is designed to protect information that is so secure, you need to see it being destroyed.

Go Shred Van collecting Offsite Shredding in Huddersfield
Lockable Secure Consoles for offsite shredding
Archive Box to store secure documents for shredding
Go Shred Sacks for collection of paper for secure destruction
Lockable Wheelie Bins for Offsite Shredding in Leeds
Recycled paper hand towels from shredded paper


what happens To the materials

At the EN15713 and ISO9001 accredited site, your materials are now securely destroyed and completely harmless.  Following the secure shredding the materials are  fed into a large "Mill Sized" baler, churning out bales that weigh between 400kg and 500kg.  Once there is enough to fit on an articulated lorry, the materials are taken to a paper mill, usually in the East Midlands or Lancashire, where they are turned into paper towels and similar products.

TIP: If you do use an office shredder, you cannot recycle the shredded paper afterwards.  paper recycling requires there to be a strand of fibre long enough to reconstitute with other strands and office shredders take the paper down so small it is good for nothing but landfill or to be burnt as Energy For Waste.
Baled shredded Paper in Yorkshire

destruction & transport

how we Transport AND SHRED the materials

Using our methods and sites in compliance with the European Shredding standard EN15713, your materials are kept in our operative's secure custody as they are transported to the secure, GPRS tracked vehicle.  From there, they are transported immediately on the vehicle back to the high security of the EN15713 accredited depots, where they are emptied out, ready for immediate secure shredding by a static industrial shredder capable of processing up to 6 tonnes per hour rendering your materials completely safe.

TIP: Sometimes a document shredding company will tell you the only way to shred is Onsite  WE OFFER BOTH, so we will be able to advise you in a professional and balanced way, which is the best method for you to use.  From a security perspective and from a cost perspective.
Paper to be shredded travels up the conveyor belt
Paper Shredded by a double shaft Shred Tech shredder

offsite document shredding

a step by step guide to our process

Go Shred are Confidential Document Shredding, Scanning & Documents Management Specialists.  Offsite paper Shredding is our most popular service, used by public and private sector clients alike.  A highly secure shredding service, where the automation of collection and destruction systems are in place to make sure that you and your clients are kept totally safe.

collection & custody

how you store and our collections

Our specialists will come to do a Free Site Audit with you.  Based on that audit, we will supply secure cabinets, lockable bins, secure sacks or skips for secure document shredding, whichever best suits your needs. Our lockable secure cabinets come in a variety of sizes and corporate or wood colours.  Our sacks are heavy duty "hessian" polypropylene sacks and also the more environmentally friendly Paper Sacks.   Regular customers will receive a weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly visit from our fully vetted and trained operative.  They will use a secure method of collection, always ensuring safe custody of your materials on the way out of your building and into our vehicle.

TIP: Don't let a shredding company push you into utilising a system just because that is the only one they use.  We offer everything from a cabinet to a 32yd secure RORO Skip, whichever is safest and is right for your company's operations.